LOMO Marketing – Merging Local Marketing and Mobile Marketing

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We are witnessing the marriage of local and mobile marketing, call it LOMO marketing. Simply put, the smart phone medium is growing in importance for businesses wanting to interact with prospects and customers. People who are using their smart phones are more than likely out of the house and actively searching and interested in your product, retail establishment, or service. Who hasn’t found a restaurant by using a Yelp review or stumbled across a YouTube video of a bed-and-breakfast while vacationing.

LOMO marketing actually been happening for several years now. Activities such as Flash mobs, SMS marketing, Tweets, iphone apps, Yelp reviews, and Google location mapping are all part of this burgeoning marketing stream for both international brands and local retail store.

LOMO campaigns differ from traditional local marketing campaigns in a number of ways:
Ongoing versus traditional campaign start/stop
Interactive vs. local paper
Merging of branding/awareness building/trial/loyalty
Social network enabled
Physical location-favored (Although not necessary)
Video/Image/Mapping/Short messaging vs. heavy text

The good news is that it’s not just a rich-company’s game; any size business can participate. How can your business participate? Here are just some of the many LOMO revenue-generating activities your company could be executing upon right now:
Emails collection
Cell phone collection
RMS news feed
Smart-phone friendly blogs
Facebook fan page
Twitter posts
Active announcements on Twitter
Soliciting Yelp reviews
iphone apps
Google Adsense on mobile phone maps
Augmented Reality apps http://layar.com/
Mobile-enabled websites
Universal search and Local-search optimization
Local portal site advertising
Long-tail search optimization
Employee profiles on your website and other social media
Photography and YouTube Video posts

So, how is your business using technology to reach the active mobile phone prospect and customer?

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    your email newsletter, you should provide your customers with a way to input their cell number so they can receive texts from you about discounts,
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