New Crowdfunding Tool and the State of Equity Crowdfunding, April 2013

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We have created a crowdfunding assessment tool for everyone who is considering launching a project. Check it out here. Even if you aren’t thinking of launching a new business idea–or new product–crowdfunding is worth a look. Deloitte predicts that crowdfunding portals will raise $3 billion in 2013. With the SEC expected to finish writing regulations in accordance with the 2012 JOBS Act, crowdfunding will expand from donation-based to equity-based funding in the near future. As of right now, crowdfunding websites cannot start...

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The 3 Phases of a Crowdfunding Project

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At IM4C, we recognize 3 phases to a successful crowdfunding project The pre-campaign phase The actual crowdfunding campaign and the post campaign, or what can be called the “Go to market, go to production” phase Pre-launch is the strategic phase, where one develops and plans out the entire product life cycle. There is a long list of activities to address before you ever begin your campaign, including Recruit your product team Develop the product prototype, Line up your production partners, sub-contractors and suppliers Determining who...

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The Hidden Benefits of Writing A Request For Proposal (RFP)

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The Hidden Benefits of Writing A Request For Proposal (RFP)

 Preparing a request for proposal (RFP) is a good preliminary step in finding the right vendor to outsource any large-scale project. The main goals of the RFP procurement process are typically the following: Determine which vendor or vendors would be suitable to bring in on the project Determine the relative cost of the project Identify and communicate the project requirements Determine project management milestones and realistic dates There are additional benefits to implementing the RFP process. Here are a few of the hidden reasons to...

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Why Marketing and Sales Are Now Real-Time, 24/7 Functions

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Social media, technology advances, competitive pressures, under-utilized assets; there are a number of external, organizational, and personal pressures compelling your organization to make marketing, sales, and customer service real-time, 24/7. Remember when TV news reporting went from a nightly, once-a-day cycle to a 24 hour cycle after cable news channels became popular? Your company’s marketing, sales, and customer service departments now face similar pressures. Here are some of the factors driving the evolution to a real-time, 24/7...

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The Marketing Tactics Retail Brands Use To Succeed On Facebook

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Having a brand with over a million Facebook ‘Likes’ is nothing special anymore it seems, with one-third of brands tracked by Retail Marketing Report now counting in the seven figures. For many of these consumer brands, growth in Facebook ‘Likers’ continues to climb. How do these companies grow their Facebook following? Well, to no one’s surprise, its good to be a brand. In order to increase the number of people who “Like” their company’s Facebook page, take a page out of Kirkland’s playbook and run...

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Beware The Mortal Sins And Common Mistakes of SEO Agencies

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It disturbs me when I find a SEO agency leading a client’s website down the path of online marketing ruin. Peel away the smooth use of buzz words and sadly the search optimization tactics employed often seem to be either of questionable merit or not in the client’s long-term interest. Not surprisingly these SEO “tricks” often work in the short-run, thusly justifying their use with the client–up until the day they stop working and the client is left holding the bag. It’s not just how some SEO consultancies...

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Which Of Your Campaigns Should Be Outsourced?

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We can help your firm identify which marketing projects make the most sense to outsource. Need more revenue but your marketing team is already stretched thin?  There are many benefits from outsourcing your next marketing project: expand your in-house capabilities without adding head count, test new tactics and strategies, train your current in-house talent on new techniques. Create Custom Graphics for all Social Media Sites Set Up Accounts For Top 20+ Social Media and Feeds Manage Your Corporate Blog Conduct Keyword Research To Pin Point...

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Online Marketing Services

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Free Analysis Receive an analysis of the state of your current internet marketing. Choose from the following reports. Social media review Website SEO review E-commerce review Lead generation review Website email and paid marketing review Here at we can provide a number of different marketing services for your existing marketing team; including Increase Web Traffic. Generate Sales Leads. Increase E-commerce Sales. Online Promotions. Manage Social Media. Execute Email...

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LOMO Marketing – Merging Local Marketing and Mobile Marketing

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We are witnessing the marriage of local and mobile marketing, call it LOMO marketing. Simply put, the smart phone medium is growing in importance for businesses wanting to interact with prospects and customers. People who are using their smart phones are more than likely out of the house and actively searching and interested in your product, retail establishment, or service. Who hasn’t found a restaurant by using a Yelp review or stumbled across a YouTube video of a bed-and-breakfast while vacationing. LOMO marketing actually been happening...

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