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Some of our clients.

In today’s complex online world, driving visitors to your website–and your social media sites–is an inter-related process. There is no silver bullet, there is no one-size-fits-all strategy.

That is where IM4C comes in. We are an inter-disciplinary agency that uses all available demand generation tools to drive the right traffic to your online network. We then help your firm maximize the ROI of that traffic.

An online demand generation and conversion funnel agency, IM4C works with companies to increase their marketing ROI through the integration of online best-practices and proven technologies.

IM4C specializes in creating efficiencies in the revenue cycle;

  • Priming the new product launch process by managing crowdfunded Kickstarter campaigns
  • Optimizing conversion by AB split-testing page designs and website analytics
  • Building website traffic by integrating social media, paid campaigns, and SEO campaigns
  • Scaling up the lead generation process by integrating online and social media marketing campaigns with marketing automation platforms

IM4C also brings a marketing technologies and project management capabilities that gives clients affordable online tools combined with enterprise-level expertise. Using the latest in operational best-practices, IM4C can bring a new degree of control to your organization’s social media, demand generation, lead management, and conversion funnel activities.

IM4C Capabilities

Whether your business needs a complete overhaul of its current marketing processes, or has a specific marketing project in mind, IM4C can help. We provide assistance not only with the implementation, but also the bigger strategic challenges.  IM4C can assist with addressing such issues as shopping cart best practices, taxation rules, social media terms of service, and email privacy laws.

Using our expertise in online marketing technologies, IM4C is also able to scale online demand generation campaigns while keeping costs down.

Our process includes the following rigorous steps:

  • Business needs assessment
  • Business and Functional requirements documentation
  • Business key performance indicators (KPIs) and metrics analysis
  • Request For Quotation reviews
  • Project management
  • Team staffing and building
  • Business Processes Review
  • Database design
  • Solution development and integration
  • Ongoing management

The IM4C team has expertise in several different areas:

Enterprise Marketing

  • Marketing technology integration with business processes
  • CRM, marketing and salesforce automation architecture and planning
  • Lead generation and sales management integration
  • Project management
  • Marketing systems design and development

Demand Generation

  • Social Media management
  • SEO
  • Database marketing
  • Email and landing page campaign management

Business Financing and Funding

  • Crowdfunding campaigns (Kickstarter, Indiegogo)
  • First-round financing

E-commerce and Online Revenue Enhancement

  • Online store design and management
  • Website user experience (UXIA)
  • Conversion optimization
  • Website architecture design

Experience and Philosophy

The Principals at IM4C have over 30 years experience in direct and
online marketing–both managing marketing teams and creating campaigns.
We’ve worked with a number of leading brands; including Fox Interactive,
Toshiba, Wells Fargo, Quest, Honda, MySpace, IGN, Rotten Tomatoes,
Discus Dental, BriteSmile Whitening, Controls Central, Bingo.com, Money
Mailer, and Trading Markets.

Although we have the experience of working with large organizations,
IM4C also brings 25 years in business consulting for hundreds of
privately owned small/mid-sized businesses.

“Every business can increase cost efficiencies and build scale in their
operations using relatively inexpensive 3rd party platforms. By
automating and optimizing marketing processes, business managers and
their staff can shift their focus onto communicating their marketing
proposition in more creative ways and increasing value for their
customers.” Jim Doane, Executive Director, IM4C.
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